In a bpost pilot project in eight municipalities between February and September this year residential customers were given the option of handing over parcels they wanted to send to the person delivering a parcel to them. Today this new service goes live across the whole country.

The pilot project was launched in Wevelgem, Brussels, Mol, Leuven, Tournai, Rixensart, Geel and Lontzen and their suburbs early this year. It was originally scheduled to run until April, but it was such a big success the decision was taken to extend it until September. That initial popularity did not wane and bpost ran surveys in the pilot municipalities to measure satisfaction. The results were absolutely positive. That’s why bpost is now rolling out the service to the whole country.  

Interestingly, the survey revealed that 80% of parcels sent in this way were returns. 

This service is all about user convenience and sustainability, as consumers don’t need to go to a drop-off point to send or return their parcels. Consumers who are at home a lot of the time can take advantage by handing over their parcel to the person delivering another parcel to them.That obviously results in fewer journeys. 

And consumers who are not at home quite so often have plenty of choices when they want to send a parcel: the bpost network of more than 2600 drop-off points includes post offices, post points, parcel points and parcel lockers. The nearest drop-off point is easy to find at https://www.bpost.be/en/points-of-sale. 

What do users say about this service? 
Consumers say that the biggest pluses of the service are the time it saves and friendly contact with the delivery person. A few responses: 

Saves so much time! Very nice service. 
Very efficient, as we use this if someone gets a parcel delivered. 
Didn’t need to lug parcels to the post office myself. 
Goes really smoothly, good contact with the delivery person 

How does it work? 
The parcel to be sent or returned must be prepared for shipping before it is handed over. That means a valid and fully completed bpost shipping label must be affixed. The shipping label can be created and paid for online at https://parcel.bpost.be/nl/parcel-detail or in the My bpost app. 

The details of a pending parcel delivery are provided in My bpost. During delivery, the recipient can hand over a parcel they wish to send or return. That not only makes it even easier for consumers to send and return parcels, it’s also even better for our planet. 

Practical details: 

This service only applies to residential customers and only bpost parcels can be accepted, of course. Up to two parcels can be handed over at any given time. The maximum parcel weight is 30kg.  

Note: Only parcels that meet all the conditions – <30kg, not too big, properly packed – can be accepted, subject to there being sufficient space in the delivery person’s vehicle. If a parcel that is out for delivery fits through your letterbox, the delivery person will not ring your doorbell, so you may not have the chance to hand over your own parcel.