Posti is publishing its first E-Commerce Index. The report aims to share information about the current state and future of online shopping in Finland.

The E-Commerce Index is based on Posti’s e-commerce deliveries, external research data, and Posti’s analysis.

“We are in a unique position at Posti. As a large player that operates across the country, we have a front row seat to e-commerce development in Finland. We want to be open and share this view with others, as well,” says Tommi Kässi, Posti’s Vice President for eCommerce and Delivery Services.

The report tracks e-commerce development from 2018 onwards. It shows that the COVID-19 pandemic pushed e-commerce to grow, and the trend has become permanent. E-commerce has nearly doubled during the years of 2018–2022.

Posti estimates that parcel volumes in Finland will double by 2030 due to e-commerce growth. Finnish e-commerce has growth potential: a Finn orders on average 15 parcels per year, with the number being roughly double in Germany and triple in the United States.

“There is now more need for knowledge than ever. The future is difficult to predict, and it’s important to keep an eye on the market. We want to help our partners in e-commerce by sharing information,” says Tommi Kässi.

The E-Commerce Index can be found at posti.fi/verkkokauppamittari. The report will be published regularly as it tracks e-commerce development in Finland.

Source: Posti