We will once again hire a large number of employees for the Christmas season, with over 1,300 Christmas makers being employed across Finland. Christmas makers are needed for logistics, delivery, sorting, and customer support tasks, as well as temporary pickup points.

E-commerce growth has increased the number of parcels we deliver, and Christmas cards are still a cherished tradition for many.

“We at Posti deliver Christmas cheer everywhere in Finland and want to help ensure that our customers’ Christmas preparations go smoothly. The work of our Christmas makers is extremely important to us,” says Jenni Ailio, who oversees Posti’s Christmas recruiting for operational work.

Seasonal work is especially popular among students because of the flexible work shifts. Depending on the task, work is available for mornings, days, evenings, and weekends in November and December.

Posti is the first employer for many young people. Christmas work is also a tradition for many that they want to revisit year after year.

Recruitment has already started and there will be more openings in October. If you want a look at Posti’s Christmas job openings and tasks around Finland, you can visit https://careers.posti.com/en/christmasmakers

Source: Posti