Chinese B2B e-commerce platform Alibaba.com has announced the launch of its new Logistics Marketplace in the US, which has been developed to reshape how SMEs manage their supply chain strategies.

The marketplace provides SMEs with access to pre-vetted affordable and customizable logistics services to streamline their supply chains and gain global reach with greater ease, Alibaba noted.

The platform, which offers support for online logistics orders to 46 markets, also enables SMEs to identify solutions tailored to their individual logistics demands and enables them to navigate the global marketplace with fewer of the traditional hurdles.

“Streamlined access”

“With the launch of the Alibaba.com Logistics Marketplace for US buyers, we’ve transformed a previously lengthy, complicated process, streamlining access to a marketplace of pre-vetted logistics service providers,” said Yikun Shao, Head of Supply Chain for Alibaba.com’s North America business.

Source: CEP-Research