Nearly 40% of retailers in the UK fail to meet their advertised delivery times, indicating a significant gap between customer expectations and actual service delivery, according to a new report by post-purchase software provider parcelLab and fulfilment specialist Salesupply.

The report also found that 50% of retailers fail to provide crucial information about delivery times on their product detail pages and that retailers are often slow to respond to customer queries, affecting consumer purchasing decisions and satisfaction.

The study, The UK’s Top 100 Retailers’ Post-Purchase Secrets Report 2024, reveals critical areas where retailers need to improve to enhance customer satisfaction and retention, with a particular emphasis on customer communications and delivery processes.

“A stark reminder”

“The findings of this report highlight significant areas where UK retailers must focus their efforts,” said Tobi Buxhoidt, CEO at parcelLab. “Reliable delivery is a critical factor in customer satisfaction and retention and the report reveals a significant number of retailers are not achieving this.

“This is a stark reminder that timely and reliable delivery is not just a logistical necessity – it is the foundation of customer satisfaction and retention,” Buxhoidt added.

Tracking and delivery fees

The report also revealed that more than half (55%) of retailers link their tracking directly to the carrier, which improves transparency and trust with customers. However, this means that 45% are missing an opportunity to enhance customer experience through better tracking visibility.

Furthermore, 40% of retailers don’t communicate during returns, leading to dissatisfaction.

In terms of delivery fees, the report found that nearly 20% of retailers always charge for delivery, which could affect their competitiveness and customer perception of value. Over 80% of retailers provide express delivery, averaging £6.93, with industries like health, cosmetics and jewellery imposing the lowest surcharges.

Source: CEP-Research