Showcasing ‘who’s who’ - Asendia, a global leader in e-commerce and mail solutions, is launching its first-ever Global Retail Voices list today.

The 18-page e-book profiles 50 of the sector’s leading lights from around the world, recognised for making significant impacts in retail and e-commerce. This initiative is a groundbreaking effort to celebrate and recognise the industry’s top talents who are shaping the future of retail.

The 50 people, who work at some of the world's most renowned and respected brands, cover different areas of expertise: Brand & Customer Experience, Product & Returns and Logistics, Innovation & Sustainability.

“Selected for their contributions, these individuals collectively lead the sector,” said Simon Batt, Chief Executive Officer of Asendia. “From visionary leaders to pioneers in sustainability and customer experience, Global Retail Voices showcases diverse talents and applauds remarkable accomplishments. This initiative is not just about recognition but also about inspiring others by highlighting the extraordinary work being done in the industry.”

To compile the list, Asendia carried out a rigorous evaluation process, combining quantitative metrics with qualitative insights to assess each individual’s impact and influence.

From their number of years in relevant roles, awards wins, LinkedIn following and activity, panels, books, and TV appearances to a wider analysis of their general industry presence, Asendia examined every aspect of their professional footprint to create a weighted ‘influence score’ for each individual. Those with the top 50 highest scores among the hundreds assessed were then selected as this year’s final ‘voices’.

Manuel Bonnin, Head of Innovation at Asendia said: “These trailblazing individuals are reshaping the retail landscape. From integrating exciting, up-and coming technologies to revolutionising supply chain management and customer service, their approaches are inspiring others to think bigger, bolder and more creatively!"

This first-of-its-kind initiative by Asendia not only celebrates individual achievements but also highlights the collective efforts driving the industry forward. As a unique accolade in the retail sector, it recognises and honours the remarkable contributions of these industry leaders.

To download the Global Retail Voices e-book for free, click here.

Source: Asendia