As the end of the year is drawing near, I am pleased to present you the last edition of YourIPC for 2016.

Dear readers,

hwAs the end of the year is drawing near, I am pleased to present you the last edition of YourIPC for 2016. 

Looking back at 2016, it has been an interesting year for the postal industry, IPC and myself. Preliminary data on the global postal industry performance for 2016 published by IPC a few weeks ago show that posts remain on the path for growth. Mail remains a key focus of postal innovation and investment while parcel volumes continue to increase, driving revenue growth. 

The year saw many important developments for IPC and the implementation of the INTERCONNECT network. With its new data hub, IPC is now in the position to enhance cross-border e-commerce by offering its member posts reliable, end-to-end track and trace capability and a full range of new functionalities enhancing customer experience. We are looking forward to seeing volumes of packages going through the system increase and expect the platform to reach its full capacity in 2017. With the rapid increase in cross-border e-commerce, I see real opportunities for posts to work together and grow further.

Moreover, IPC saw the launch of some new services – like the Pallet Box – and the expansion of other services – like the Mail Registration Device for air mail – showing that we remain committed to improving and expanding our services.

This edition of the IPC Market Flash focuses on sustainability. In the Green Special, you will find a series of articles illustrating the efforts by posts worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint. The recently published IPC Postal Sector Sustainability Report highlighted that posts participating in the IPC Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System (EMMS) programme are continuing to improve the carbon efficiency of mail and parcel delivery. Please also check our video report of the 2016 IPC Drivers’ Challenge, co-organised with bpost in Spa-Francorchamps in November. This event shows the key importance of eco-driving in reducing carbon emissions and the essential role that employees can play in achieving sustainability goals. 

Lastly, while the end of the year is a festive season for most of us, unfortunately it is not for some of the less fortunate in society. This year, IPC decided to support Arc-en-Ciel, an organisation supporting children in need. Teenagers throughout Belgium, often forgotten in gifts collection, received a personalised present from an IPC employee. I would like to thank all of them for their generosity.

On a more personal note, it has been six months since I joined IPC. Over the past months, I have had the chance to discover IPC’s many services and joint initiatives. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the IPC members and employees for their warm welcome and great efforts. 

Cooperation with members and stakeholders is the key factor for success for IPC and our industry. I am looking forward to pursuing our active collaboration next year. 

I wish you all a happy New Year and a successful 2017.

Holger Winklbauer