FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) emerged more competitive than ever from fiscal 2018, FedEx said in its Annual Report, “Superior Networks Power Performance.”

“We are very proud of the solid financial and operational results FedEx delivered in fiscal 2018, and I extend a well-deserved ‘Bravo Zulu’ — the naval signal for a job well done — to our more than 425,000 team members worldwide for their dedication to the Purple Promise which simply states ‘I will make every FedEx experience outstanding,’ ” said Frederick W. Smith, chairman and chief executive officer of FedEx.

“It was a year of opportunities and challenges — anticipated and unexpected — and FedEx emerged more competitive than ever,” Smith said in his letter to shareowners. “In all my years at FedEx, I have never been so optimistic, so sure of our strategy and our ability to deliver an exciting future.”

FedEx cited two unique competitive advantages:
• It is next to impossible to duplicate its global network which includes the world’s largest all-cargo airline and connects 92 percent of the world’s GDP in 1–2 business days. (See fedex.com/dream.)
• FedEx team members set the bar for excellence, helping earn the trust and loyalty of customers and making FedEx one of the most admired companies in the world and a great place to work.

Other features in this year’s Annual Report include:
• Strength in numbers: For e-commerce to continue to grow rapidly, our efficient and reliable global transportation solutions are vital.
• People, networks: Why we committed to investing more than $4.2 billion following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
• Purple Runway: An innovative program designed to address the shortage of commercial pilots and create a new career path.
• FedEx Cares: Help and hope delivered after hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and floods laid waste to communities in North America.
• Automation helps shoulder the load: Meet our self-driving vehicles and mobile robots.
• The Purple Promise: Everything you need to know about what we expect out of our people every day.

Source: FedEx