The Universal Postal Union (UPU) today presented awards to the top-ranking countries in its comparative development index, with Switzerland taking first prize in an awards ceremony hosted at UPU’s Berne, Switzerland, headquarters on World Post Day.

The Integrated Index for Postal Development (2IPD), which was released earlier this year, is a comparative index providing an overview of postal development around the world, using UPU’s unparalleled collection of postal big data to create a ranking of 173 countries. It benchmarks performance across four key dimensions: reliability, reach, relevance and resilience.

UPU Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz opened the award ceremony, which was attended by the local diplomatic corps, representatives from member countries and UPU staff.

“The Integrated Index for Postal Development or ‘2IPD’ clearly shows the state of the sector in an age of digitalization and booming e-commerce. It also shows how the UPU is accompanying Posts in this new world,” said Mr. Clivaz.

Switzerland’s balanced performance, including top volume per capita and a well-diversified portfolio, earned the country the top spot for a second year.

“This award reflects our logistics service performance not only in Switzerland, but around the world. This award motivates us very much to go ahead with this quick pace and to show up again on the same page of competitors next year,” said Swiss Post’s Head of PostLogistics, Dieter Bambauer, who accepted the award on behalf of Switzerland.

Mr. Bambauer also acknowledged the contribution of the operator’s 60,000 staff in achieving the high score.

Its delivery speed and interconnectedness with international partners won Netherlands second place, with Japan receiving a third-place award thanks to its high customer demand and service quality.

The Deputy Director General congratulated the top three for their “reliable, well-connected, relevant and resilient postal services.”

Regional top-scorers were also recognized during the ceremony. Poland (ranked 6th), Singapore (ranked 7th), Brazil (ranked 44th), Tunisia (ranked 49th) and Nigeria (ranked 51st), each received certificates for a standout performance in their respective regions.

Source: UPU