Private and business customers continue to be extremely satisfied with Swiss Post services: overall satisfaction with Swiss Post remains unchanged from the previous year at 83 out of 100 points. This was shown in this year’s customer survey with around 15,000 participants. It is particularly pleasing that private customers are awarding good marks to the various access points provided for Swiss Post services.

Customers are satisfied with Swiss Post – the results from the annual customer satisfaction survey remain unchanged at a high level. Around 13,000 private and 2,000 business customers gave Swiss Post Group’s services 83 out of 100 points as in the previous year. At a time when Swiss Post services and the postal network are the subject of broad public debate, the high level of satisfaction in this area is encouraging. It confirms that Swiss Post is managing to adapt its services in line with customer needs.

Continuing to optimize interaction with customers is a key issue for Swiss Post. When it comes to direct contact – either at the counter or by telephone – the private individuals surveyed rated the performance of Swiss Post employees as very satisfactory with 88 points. The responses from business customers, who are responsible for the highest proportion of Group revenue, also indicate that efforts are paying off: Swiss Post increased customer satisfaction in almost all areas. PostMail and PostLogistics saw a clear improvement, increasing their year-on-year scores by 2 points to 81 and 79 respectively.

Delivery ranks highly
Swiss Post also conducts a special survey once a year for private individuals throughout Switzerland to find out how satisfied they are with the quality of delivery. The 2,400 customers surveyed indicate to what extent their deliveries from Swiss Post arrive correctly, in full and without any damage. The conduct of Swiss Post employees and the P.O. Box facility delivery service are also subject to assessment. For the 11th time in a row, the figure reached the 90-point mark. This positive feedback gives a real boost to mail carriers in their day-to-day work.

Mixed results at PostAuto and PostFinance
For PostBus, overall satisfaction with the company declined. Results from commuters using Postbuses on a regular basis remained the same as last year at 74 points. However, for leisure travellers, the perception of the service worsened by 2 to 81 points, though this is still a high level. Nevertheless, passengers still feel very safe and respondents rated the drivers more positively than last year. PostFinance also recorded a slight drop in customer satisfaction among private customers. Besides having easier access to e-finance, they would like to have problems resolved more quickly. On the other hand, satisfaction among PostFinance business customers rose slightly year-on-year.

New measurement method
This time around, the satisfaction with Swiss Post expressed by business customers in the PostalNetwork unit cannot be compared with last year’s survey results due to a new survey method. From 2019, Swiss Post will switch further surveys in the PostalNetwork, PostLogistics and PostMail business units. All questionnaires will be modified and customer satisfaction will be measured over the entire year. These optimizations will help gain an even better understanding of the needs of Swiss Post customers and allow measures to be implemented more quickly in future.

For 20 years, Swiss Post has measured the satisfaction levels of its customers in surveys conducted by an independent research institute. The scores obtained provide an insight into how satisfied customers are in general with Swiss Post as well as the services offered, customer contact, advice, pricing, troubleshooting and communication. The results play a key part in helping Swiss Post to continually optimize and monitor the quality of its service.

Results at a glance

The surveys are divided into three categories: “very satisfied” for values equal to and above 80 points, “satisfied” for values between 65 and 79 points, and “dissatisfied” for values below 65 points.

Source: Swiss Post