The season for sending Christmas greetings begins when the red mailing envelope for mailing Christmas cards is delivered to Finnish homes inside Postinen on Wednesday, November 14.

Personal, handwritten Christmas greetings are part of the Christmas tradition for millions of Finns. Last Christmas, more than 26 million Christmas cards were sent in Finland. With the red mailing envelope, Finns can send their domestic Christmas mail more inexpensively, as the red mailing envelopes are meant for Christmas greetings that are sent with a Christmas no-value indicator stamp (EUR 1.05).

You can put your Christmas cards in the red mailing envelope that you can then drop off in a mailbox or at a Posti outlet. The red mailing envelopes can already be mailed in November, as Posti will start delivering Christmas cards to recipients only after the Finnish Independence Day (December 6). If you would like to send your Christmas mail using the more inexpensive Christmas stamp, you should mail your items by Wednesday, December 12.

Postinen is an advertisement bundle delivered by Posti that drops through the mail slot of Finnish households every Monday and Wednesday. If your household has an advertising ban, it will not receive Postinen. However, you can pick up a red mailing envelope at a Posti outlet or from many stamp retailers throughout the country.

Christmas greetings can also be sent later

If your Christmas greetings were not mailed by December 12, you can still send the greetings later with a domestic no-value indicator stamp (value EUR 1.50). These Christmas cards will still make it to the recipients before Christmas, as long as you mail them by Wednesday, December 19. The cards should be dropped off in a mailbox without the red mailing envelope before the mailbox’s emptying time.

The last mailing dates for Christmas greetings to recipients outside Finland can be found on Posti’s Christmas website at www.posti.fi/joulu. For example, Priority letters to Europe should be sent by Friday, December 14. The Christmas website also offers information on sending parcels and shares other important tips for the Christmas season.

Source: Posti