Posti is engaged in a renewal of its operating model and organization to better respond to market and customer needs. The goal is to further improve the customer experience and streamline Posti’s operations to bring services as close to customers as possible. This will mean new roles among Posti employees and the discontinuation of some previous positions.

The reorganization has also created new positions, which has significantly reduced the need for dismissals. The final layoff figure is at most 28 persons (original was at most 72). According to current estimates, part of the layoffs can be realized through retirement solutions.

The change will have no effect on mail delivery or Posti’s other services. All customers will be served as usual, without interruptions.

Posti is continuing to make target-oriented changes in line with its strategy

Postal operations are undergoing a historical transformation: e-commerce is experiencing strong growth, while traditional postal operations are moving from paper to electronic format and competition is getting tougher. The new operating model will enable more comprehensive development of the customer experience, faster reaction to changes in our customer needs and even more target-oriented growth in e-commerce and logistics.

Source: Posti