The “My Christmas Gift campaign” last year was a great success, with more than 1,500 boxes of goodies distributed by NZ Post. My Food Bag customers load their empty My Food Bag boxes with gifts and food which is then collected by NZ Post and delivered to charities all over New Zealand.

In 2017, over 20,000 items were collected and delivered to local charities including the City Mission and the Red Cross.

“We had been absolutely frantic, in fact we had our busiest day ever. My Food Bag’s support with this amazing initiative is so well timed and so very much appreciated! In reality I believe we would have run out of food without them and their customer’s support,” says Matthew Mark from the Christchurch City Mission.

This year the team at My Food Bag are aiming to replicate the success of last year’s campaign, starting earlier with calls to customers to help those in need.

“Our partnership with NZ Post to make our My Christmas Gift campaign happen is something we are particularly proud of. Last year we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our Foodie family, who donated thousands of food and gift items to families in need. We look forward to making Christmas a little bit brighter for many more families across New Zealand this festive season” says Kevin Bowler, CEO My Food Bag.

AOC Processing Centre Manager Mark Davidson says that while things are busy over peak, being able to drop off the boxes at the different charities feels good.

“It is kind of cool seeing all the boxes. It restores your faith in humanity. People have it tough and it is quite good to see people taking the opportunity help those in need, especially at this time of year.”

You can read more about how we work with My Food Bag, as featured in this year's Integrated Report below:

A trusted relationship and a logistics solution that works seamlessly leaves the management team of My Food Bag only one problem left to solve: what are thousands of New Zealanders going to have for dinner tonight?

“The value that NZ Post has added to our business is immense,” says Chief Operating Officer Richard Wafer. Before My Food Bag launched just over five years ago, Sunday deliveries were far from the norm. To meet their needs, we created a network and built capacity and capability around their requirements. We now distribute My Food Bag’s products through our national networks - every Sunday and Monday.

“It is a complicated network because of the volume of product we move in such a short time. NZ Post has done an outstanding job in finding capacity to keep ahead of our growth. There have been challenges but the agile way in which NZ Post solves them is very valuable for our business,” says Richard.

Since October 2017, My Food Bag has been using Field Force, part of the NZ Post Next Generation delivery management solution. This has benefits for both parties – NZ Post gets to optimise every delivery route and My Food Bag get to track delivery performance in real time.

“When we moved to Field Force, we saw an immediate improvement in delivery accuracy. With Field Force, our Customer Love Team has visibility over the whereabouts of every customer delivery and can communicate proactively with our customers. If required the team can resolve customer delivery issues on the same night, rather than the day after, which is a much better experience for our customers,” Richard adds.

Knowing that NZ Post will deliver on what they say they will do, the team at My Food Bag has the confidence to focus on what they need to do to grow the business further.

“The benefit of working closely with NZ Post is that we can trust the logistics to be sorted and look at other projects. We have confidence in NZ Post. We know we are with the right partner, and the team that manage our account is outstanding.”

Source: New Zealand Post