Today’s meeting of the Supervisory Board of Austrian Post resolved to downsize the Management Board from four to three members, and also specified the accompanying reassignment of responsibilities. Mail and parcel logistics operations will be merged. The Supervisory Board has agreed with Walter Hitziger, Director of the Mail & Branch Network Division, on a consensual termination of his Management Board mandate. Accordingly, Walter Hitziger will resign from his board position effective at the end of 2018. The Supervisory Board would like to thank Walter Hitziger for his accomplishments at Austrian Post over the past fourteen years.

The responsibilities of Walter Hitziger will be reassigned to the remaining three Management Board members. CEO Georg Pölzl will take charge of the Branch Network business area. The future Deputy CEO Walter Oblin will serve as head of the Letter Mail and Direct Mail Division and the related Group companies alongside his previous responsibilities. In addition to his position as Director of the Parcel & Logistics Division, Management Board member Peter Umundum will also be in charge of the logistics operations in the mail and parcel segments.

Based on the outstanding performance of its mail and parcel businesses, the declared goal of Austrian Post is to leverage additional synergies in the new structure as a means of further expanding its quality leadership on the Austrian mail and parcel markets.

“In spite of declining letter mail volumes, our core mail operations comprise a highly profitable line of business on strong pillars even before exploiting the targeted additional synergies, and is also an exemplary model in Europe, both in its product structure as well as in production and logistics”, states CEO Georg Pölzl in acknowledging what has been accomplished. “I would like to thank my colleague Walter Hitziger for all his achievements relating to the development of Austrian Post during his cooperation with me over the years”, he adds.

“Thanks to the reallocation of business areas within a smaller Management Board, we will succeed in leveraging additional synergies and offering an extensive mail and parcel product portfolio at a top quality to our customers”, emphasizes Edith Hlawati, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board.

Source: Austrian Post