Post CH Ltd has reached an agreement with its social partners, the trade union syndicom and the staff association transfair concerning salary measures for 2019. A fair distribution mechanism ensures that employees in lower positions in the relevant salary brackets can benefit more than average in instances of good performance. The negotiated measures affect the 26,000 or so employees of Post CH Ltd who are covered by the collective employment contract.

Negotiations between Post CH Ltd, the trade union syndicom and the staff association transfair are moving forward in a constructive manner. During the second round of negotiations, the delegations came to an understanding regarding salary measures for 2019. The economic circumstances at Post CH Ltd, the job market situation, comparisons with competitor companies, and the trends in living costs serve as the basis for the negotiations.

1.4 percent of the eligible salary sum will be used for individual, sustainable salary measures. A salary increase generally depends on the position within the salary bracket, employee evaluation and personal performance. The salary brackets will also be raised by 1 percent upon implementation of the salary measures.

When allocating individual salary measures, the system introduced in 2018, which contains an obligatory part, has proved to be successful. It is a medium suited to the implementation of fair salary measures. Above all, employees with salaries in lower positions within a salary bracket for the relevant role will now have the chance to make up some of the difference on the basis of good performance.

Further salary negotiations
The negotiated measures affect around 26,000 members of staff who are employed on the basis of the Post CH Ltd collective employment contract. The decision-making committees − the Swiss Post Board of Directors, as well as the relevant bodies at syndicom and transfair − must still approve the outcome of the negotiations.

Negotiations for the staff at PostFinance Ltd, PostBus Ltd, Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd, SecurePost Ltd, Swiss Post Solutions Ltd and PostLogistics Ltd are still under way.

Source: Swiss Post