bpost and the City of Brussels today signed an agreement on the sale of the office section of the Centre Monnaie, which they own together, to a consortium headed by investment firm Whitewood. The agreement relates to the whole office building of both bpost and the City of Brussels, as well as the corresponding parking spaces. As a consequence of the sale, in 2021 bpost will relocate its head office to the Multi Tower, the new name of the future renovated Philips Tower on Place de Brouckère in Brussels.

bpost and the City of Brussels signed a partnership agreement in early 2018 to find a buyer for the office space of the Centre Monnaie building in central Brussels based on a public market consultation. After a thorough procedure, a consortium headed by investment firm Whitewood was selected as buyer.

bpost has had its head office in the office section of Centre Monnaie alongside the administration of the City of Brussels since the 70’s. However, the building is in urgent need of structural renovation and no longer meets the requirements of a modern work environment. It was therefore decided to sell the whole building to a partner who has a comprehensive positive plan for the redevelopment of Centre Monnaie.

As a major Belgian employer, bpost will continue to have its head office in the heart of Brussels. From 2021 the central services will be located in the Multi Tower, which is opposite Centre Monnaie. This will be a fully renovated, ecological building with a lot of facilities.

Total cash proceeds for bpost from the sale are €55.7 million, while the gain on disposal is €19.9 million. Both figures will be included in the normalised financial statements of the second quarter of 2019.

Source: bpost