Today, postal operators’ call centres worldwide are using a web-based global customer service system to exchange information on barcoded items to resolve customer queries. But this was not always the case. In 1999, a web-based Customer Service System replaced the slow, paper-based system that had been used since 1990.

Since the launch of the web-based Customer Service System in 1999, many things have evolved and improved. This system already offered easy access to data and a unique system for tracked ID. Since then, it has developed into the reliable, customer oriented Global Customer Service System (GCSS) IPC manages today. IPC’s GCSS enables the exchange of inquiries between postal operators’ customer service departments and is the tailored tool to answer the increasing demands from e-retailers and consumers for swift information about the whereabouts and status of cross-border postal items.

Today, GCSS is a unique platform in the postal industry that links 279 postal call centres globally in 185 countries. The system allows immediate action on customer queries as the customer service agents of posts can directly connect to share queries and information which is automatically complemented by detailed item event tracking history. GCSS sets response targets to ensure a timely resolution of these queries. In 2018, 1.75m inquiries were handled through the IPC GCSS.

The six GCSS principles of quality enable postal customer service departments to be more competitive and provide a better e-customer experience to their respective clients:

• Flexible inquiry process
• Better data quality in requests and replies
• Enhanced pro-activity
• Faster resolution and decreased workload
• Enhanced system intelligence
• Improved customer service experience

Although one unique platform, GCSS supports many different international delivery services and networks such as parcels; Registered, Insured, Exprès (PRIME); Express Mail Service (EMS) and Kahala Posts Group (KPG); E-Parcel Group (EPG) and INTERCONNECT (Standard Packets, Standard Parcels and Premium).