M.Sc. (Econ.) Piia Kumpulainen has been appointed Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at Posti Group Corporation. She will be responsible for Group Communication of Posti Group. M.A. Timo J. Anttila, currently responsible for Group Communication, has been appointed Vice President, Public Affairs at Posti Group. Both appointments will become effective on June 10, 2019.

Piia Kumpulainen reports to Hanna Reijonen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

Kumpulainen will join this position from Marimekko, where she has been Communications Director, responsible of Group Communications since 2009. Before Marimekko she served at law firm Hannes Snellman.

- She brings the strong expertise of a brand house to our external and internal communications. With her team she plays a key role in our journey of transformation and in the Posti´s future building, as we seek strong growth in e-commerce and logistics services, says Hanna Reijonen.

- Posti is in an interesting phase and I have always been inspired by the challenges relating to strong change. I am inspired to have this opportunity get to continue the reform of Posti´s communications, together with my team, says Piia Kumpulainen.

Timo J. Anttila has served at Posti since 2013 being responsible for Group Communications, Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility.

- Posti has a significant role in the daily life of Finnish society. Posti needs to be renewed along with our customers, because the postal industry is in a dramatic turmoil as communications is moving to digital and e-commerce is growing rapidly. Because of this, Posti wants to strengthen its participation in social dialogue and engage in a more intense dialogue with all its stakeholders, emphasizes Anttila

Source: Posti