From September 16-29 Deutsche Post DHL Group calls upon employees to support charitable projects worldwide. Launched in Asia-Pacific in 2008, Global Volunteer Day is now in its 11th year; in 2018 some 123,000 employees invested more than 374,000 hours in 3,345 projects in countries around the world. Corporate citizenship has long been integral to the strategy operated by Deutsche Post DHL Group

It's that time of year again: From September 16-29, Deutsche Post DHL Group will stage its annual Global Volunteer Day (GVD), with employees being called upon to demonstrate their social engagement and step up to volunteer. Their efforts will be mirrored in thousands of local community projects where activities range from mentoring, refugee aid and environment protection, to building homes for disadvantaged families and helping school leavers to improve their chances of employment. By lending their dedication, time and skills, Group employees serve society and the environment in their own individual ways. GVD projects are all aligned with the GoGreen (environmental protection), GoHelp (disaster management) and GoTeach (improving educational opportunity and employability) initiatives that make up the sustainability strategy followed by Deutsche Post DHL Group.
"Volunteering can be both a powerful and fulfilling experience. As one of the world's biggest employers, we can make a real impact and bring change in the communities around the world. That's why community engagement is firmly anchored in our strategy as our core purpose," says Monika Schaller, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications and Responsibility at Deutsche Post DHL Group. The Group created the 'Living Responsibility Fund' to encourage employee engagement and support our volunteers in the projects they serve. Employees can apply to receive financial assistance from the Fund. In wanting to achieve a lasting impact and long-term success, many employees work with local organizations to bring their ideas to life. Yet others choose to work on the projects on a long-term basis and establish strong connections with their partner organizations over time.  

From young apprentice to experienced manager, employees become involved in projects that focus on issues close to their hearts. Using their particular strengths and skills, they make a positive impact on the society and environment in which they live and work. GVD is designed to promote sustainable development for the benefit of society and employee. In 2018, some 123,000 employees invested more than 374,000 hours in 3,345 projects in countries worldwide - 50,000 made donations and 73,000 were actively involved. 

"I'm really impressed by the amount of time and energy, not to mention the passion and commitment our employees invest in community projects," says Schaller. "Their volunteering activities create real value for our company as do their inspirational experiences. That's what volunteering is about."    

One employee who inspires is Insa Speckhahn, a lawyer at Deutsche Post DHL Group. Her story began in 2016 when she volunteered to train as an integration coordinator and ended with her becoming the legal guardian for 15-year-old Nderim, an unaccompanied child refugee who fled to Germany from Afghanistan. Speckhahn helps him learn German, they see films and read comics which they then discuss. "I'm proud to be there for Nderim and to see him develop and grow," says Speckhahn. "Seeing the broad smile that spread across his face when we bought him his first bike at the start of the year was the most rewarding result a volunteer can imagine in return for the effort they put in." Her example shows the long-term and often emotional attachment that employees develop in the course of their voluntary work.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL Group