You cannot always be home to receive parcels. So Posten is testing out a new delivery method – to your own hidden location.

Usually you need to pick up parcels at the post office, but more and more people are requesting home delivery during this time of rapidly increasing e-commerce. At the same time, most people are busy with completely different things and cannot wait for the mail carrier to deliver the parcel. Posten is now carrying out a pilot project where selected households can have a parcel delivered wherever they want, even if there is no one home.

Proper delivery

"There’s only one correct way to deliver a parcel, and that is exactly the way your customer wants to receive it. This solution adapts home delivery to the lives we live today, and we are excited to see what our customers think of it," says John Eckhoff, press officer in Posten Norge.

The solution is simple. The household members first find a place they think is appropriate for parcel delivery. It can be in a storage bin on the terrace, behind a door with a coded lock or another place where the mail carrier can leave the parcel. Then you sign up on posten.no and describe the hiding place.

Good feedback

"We have already started the pilot project, and the feedback so far is overwhelmingly positive. Those who received the parcel at their chosen delivery point felt that this method was both safe and simple," says Eckhoff.
Posten Norge has invited 10 000 households to participate in the pilot within the postal codes 0771-0773 Oslo, 1350 Lommedalen, 1405 Langhus, 3030-3033 Drammen, 4347 Lye, 4360 Varhaug, 5360 Kolltveit og 5357 Fjell. It is still possible for households in these postal codes to join the pilot. (Click here to sign up and get more information).

During the testing period, participants receive free home delivery of all parcels delivered by Posten.

Source: Posten Norge Group