Finnish stamps were again recognized in this fall’s international competitions. The Climate Change stamp received the esteemed Red Dot design award. In the EUROPA stamp competition, the Whooper Swan stamp came in third place according to votes from both the expert jury and the public. In addition, the Sound of Silence stamp was selected as the world’s best stamp issued during 2013–2017 in the Nexofil Awards.

Climate Change stamp illuminates the effects of climate change

The Climate Change stamp, designed by Timo Berry, is the first Finnish stamp to receive the internationally esteemed design industry Red Dot award. The stamp was awarded in Berlin on Friday, November 1 in the Publishing and Print Media category of the Brands & Communications Design series.

In total, 8,697 works from 54 different countries were sent in to the various categories of the Red Dot competition. The winning pieces were selected by an international expert jury of 24 people. What the judges appreciated about the Climate Change stamps was their theme and idea as well as the quality of the design and technical implementation.

The three stamps on the Climate Change stamp sheet, published in September 2018, depict the effects of climate change that a northern country such as Finland can expect in the future if we allow the climate to continue getting warmer at the current rate.

A specialty of the stamps is the heat-reactive ink that changes color when touched with a finger. By the mere touch of a finger you will be able to see what we can expect in Finland if the constant warming of the climate is not brought under control.

The Climate Change stamps were also awarded silver last June in a European graphic design competition called European Design Awards.

“Curbing climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time. We wanted to highlight this important social issue in our stamps,” explains Design Manager Tommi Kantola at Posti.

Source: Posti