Posti remains the only nationwide mail delivery service provider in Finland, but there are currently 16 other regional delivery companies delivering printed mail as well. Mail delivery is performed by people and, therefore, receiving feedback is important, whether it is about correcting mistakes or having done something right. Identifying the correct party and sending prompt feedback are of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to correcting mistakes.

“There are various mail recipients who haven’t necessarily realized that in addition to Posti’s familiar deliverers, there are many other companies that may deliver letters as well. There are many different delivery company mail carriers that may deliver different items to the same mailbox,” Marko Enberg from Posti points out.

Each delivery company has its individual identifier

In order to give feedback, it is important to learn to recognize the delivery company’s identification information. Posti’s identifiers are Posti Ltd, ECONOMY, PRIORITY and POSTI GREEN. Before initiating any letter postal operations, the company must submit a notification to Traficom. Traficom maintains a register about the companies that have submitted a postal operations notification. The names and identifiers of the delivery companies can be found in this register. Each service provider is responsible for its own operations and for processing their own customer feedback.

“We value the feedback from our customers. The faster Posti receives feedback about the deliveries that we have made, the faster we can investigate the situation and correct any potential mistakes. Feedback can also be submitted through our customer service using the service form at posti.fi,” Marko Enberg says.

What should be done if a delivery company makes a mistake?

The first task is to identify the delivery company. Then, customers are recommended to immediately contact the delivery company.

If Posti has delivered mail that belongs to another person, the mail must not be opened, and it must be returned to Posti. Customers should cross out the address on the letter, write “incorrectly delivered” on the envelope and either hand the incorrectly delivered item to a deliverer or take the item to Posti’s yellow letterbox or to Posti's service point. Items might be delivered incorrectly, for example, if the previous resident has not notified the sender about a change of address. Returned items will go through the address clarification system and will be delivered to the new address.

Mail delivered incorrectly by other delivery companies must not be returned to Posti. Customers must find out the correct return instructions on the delivery company’s website, for example. However, if the customer has mistakenly returned to Posti any items that have been incorrectly delivered by another delivery company, the items will be stored at Posti until the delivery company responsible for the matter collects the items for further measures.

Positive customer feedback is encouraging and makes us feel good

Millions of items pass through Posti every weekday, but mail volumes vary greatly depending on the weekday, the time of the month and the season. The needs of sending customers set the pace for postal work.

“At Posti, the best mail delivery professionals of the industry work in varying circumstances throughout all of the seasons. Our success rate is not always a hundred percent, but we do our best in order to get there. All of us are happy whenever one of us receives good feedback. In our work, our customers are the most important thing to us. Positive feedback is encouraging and makes us feel good,” says Marko Enberg.

Source: Posti