On 18 February, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and IPC signed a Memorandum of Understanding reinforcing and formalising the cooperation which has already been in place between the two organisations for many years.
The aim for both IATA and IPC is to promote the development and expansion of safe, secure, accessible and high-quality airmail and air cargo services to help their respective members provide quality solutions aligned to consumer needs. In this context, FoMbA, the initiative which has brought together posts and airlines for the past 14 years will now be renamed Engage to better reflect its core principles: involvement and action.
As confirmed by the Memorandum of Understanding, IATA and IPC intend to work together on several specific areas, including improving the security, handover, carriage, delivery and settlement of airmail. They will also focus on developing and maintaining industry standards and procedures as well as services and solutions for both physical flows and electronic data interchange relating to airmail.
Building on the success of FoMbA, Engage will continue to focus on the areas of business process improvement, standard operating and messaging procedures, best practices, innovation and efficiency, visibility and reliability, and the alignment of systems and processes between mail and cargo.