Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, bpost has strained every sinew to offer the best services possible to its customers and citizens, with the full engagement of all of its employees.

The exceptional circumstances of the lockdown have had an impact on bpost’s intercontinental operational capacities, however.
Since the suspension of letter and parcel shipments outside Europe was announced on 19 March, bpost has worked tirelessly to find the right solutions to enable the earliest possible resumption of these activities.

bpost is now delighted to announce the resumption of letter and parcel shipments to several major destinations outside Europe, namely the United States, Canada, China, Russia and Brazil, from Tuesday the 12 May 2020. This means that customers are again able to drop their letters and parcels at post offices and in the red post boxes for shipment to these major destinations.

bpost Group will do everything in its power to ensure this mail is delivered as quickly as possible.
However, it must be stressed that the resumption of shipments to these five major destinations is dependent on the availability of flights and capacities. Measures taken to fight the spread of Covid-19 are having an impact across the globe, so it cannot be excluded that shipments will take longer than usual to arrive.

Source: bpost