Swiss Post is reducing rent for its tenants who have been severely hit by lockdown. In some cases, it is even refraining entirely from collecting payment. This will enable Swiss Post to support small and medium-sized enterprises during these economically challenging times. Thanks to the emergency relief, companies will receive a boost and planning security. The contribution is designed to help them keep their businesses afloat.

Temporary closure, a ban on operating or a significant decrease in customers: the coronavirus crisis has left many companies fighting for survival. For small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, the economic situation may be precarious and the future uncertain. In light of this, Swiss Post is showing solidarity and commitment to the Swiss economy. Swiss Post is reducing rent for its tenants who have been severely hit by lockdown – and, in some cases, is even refraining entirely from collecting payment. This decision primarily benefits small and medium-sized enterprises. The rent reductions will apply as follows:

Tenants who were forced to close due to official regulations will generally be granted a 50% rent reduction for the duration of the closure. Small tenants who pay rent of less than 5,000 francs a month will be completely exempt from paying rent.
For tenants who were able to remain open during the lockdown but recorded significant falls in revenue, rent will be reduced on a case-by-case basis.
Swiss Post believes this measure will provide companies with a straightforward form of assistance. It wishes to help relieve financial pressure on companies and to offer them a boost and planning security during an economically challenging situation. The rent reduction is primarily designed to help severely hit small and medium-sized enterprises to reduce their fixed costs and to resume and continue their business activities. Swiss Post has an interest in the sustainable, long-term continuation of its existing rental relationships. By providing this support, it is fulfilling its responsibility as a reliable partner for the Swiss economy. Swiss Post will provide its tenants with detailed information over the coming days.

Source: Swiss Post