DHL Express came up with a special gesture to thank frontline workers amid the Coronavirus pandemic. A DHL aircraft with rainbow symbols and huge stickers saying 'Thank you' shows DHL Express' gratefulness for all essential workers who keep operations and its network with hubs and gateways in more than 220 countries and territories up and running.

"We're excited to express thankfulness for our brave people as well as all the courageous health care and nursing personnel who guarantee that our world can keep going in the current global crisis" says Alberto Nobis, CEO DHL Express Europe. "Thanks to their efforts, we are able to maintain the stability of supply chains and critical infrastructure. With our special aircraft we want to emphasize our deepest gratitude and respect for their selfless actions and willingness to fight for a good cause."

DHL Express has strongly demonstrated the resilience of its intercontinental network and that it is a reliable partner for all of its customers as all hubs and gateways have been fully in operations through all days of the Covid-19 crisis. With approximately one million Time Definite International (TDI) deliveries per day and an aircraft fleet of more than 260 dedicated planes, DHL Express strives for excellence in customer service despite the pandemic. Among them were several time-critical deliveries of medical equipment to take part in fighting the spread of the Coronavirus and in saving as many lives as possible.

"We have unique people and an unique network. We are proud of both as these assets are the crucial pillars for supporting our customers with highest quality services, in their daily business and to overcome any crisis" comments Roy Hughes, Executive Vice President of Network Operations Europe. We will continue to work on keeping all of our operations up and running for our customers while maintaining our employees' safety."

The DHL "Thank you" aircraft is being used as a normal network flight with the registration number G-DHKF and different destinations across Europe and beyond. Until now the aircraft has stopped in 23 different countries and 32 different gateways including Germany, UK, Finland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Spain, and Morocco to name just a few. Further stops in Israel, Portugal and Austria are planned. To spread the message even more and to engage colleagues, Network Operations Europe started "Rainbow & Heroes", which is a campaign aimed at encouraging colleagues to share their best pictures of the aircraft in different facilities through Europe. To reach additional colleagues at the DHL aprons and inside the hubs and gateways a transport container (ULD - Unit Load Device) has been labeled with a "Thank YoULD" message as of end of May. This container which is used for transport the express shipments, will be flown through Europe and therefore seen from many employees as possible. The DHL employees can also sign this container with a message to their colleagues from other hubs and gateways in the different European countries of DHL's unique network.

Steven Hanisch, Supervisor Ramp at DHL Express Hub Leipzig, adds: "We are all in this together and it is my job to support our customers in all situations as best I can and to keep operations running. Nevertheless, I am very pleased when our work is appreciated, especially in these uncertain times. And - or maybe even more - the contribution that the Health Care Workers make every day deserves recognition. That is why I am proud to be part of this company."

Source: Deutsche Post DHL