This year, the IPC Global Customer Service System (GCSS) welcomed Iraq Post to the system, the 190th postal operator to use GCSS for cross-border tracked postal items.

GCSS is the world's foremost postal customer service system and is being used for Interconnect, EPG, PRIME, UPU Parcels and EMS inquiries. IPC's aim is to continue and expand the use of GCSS for all products covered by the system.

IPC wishes to address some concerns which have been brought to our attention. These concerns are unfounded and IPC wants to assure all GCSS EMS users that their GCSS access and full usage for EMS inquiries shall be maintained at least until the end of the year. All GCSS EMS users shall continue to benefit from GCSS maintenance, upgrades and the IPC Helpdesk customer support during this period. The arrangements that will apply for 2021 will be communicated in due course.

Last year IPC marked the 20-year anniversary of IPC  providing postal operators a postal inquiry system for cross-border tracked items.

Source: IPC