The transfer or fixed-term forwarding of the items delivered by Posti is a good option when spending your summer holiday at your cabin, for example. By putting your mail on hold, you can ensure that your mailbox does not fill up during your holiday and that your mail is securely stored so that you can pick it up at the nearest Posti service point after your holiday.

Fixed-term forwarding

When you order fixed-term forwarding, we will deliver your mail to the address of your choice during the selected period. After the fixed term has ended, we will deliver your mail to your old address. By ordering our Nearby Mailbox at a Summer Home service, you can have your mail delivered closer to your summer home—for example, to the corner of the lot. The service is subject to a charge. To view the service deadlines and other information, go to our website.

Home delivery items and parcels are not included in the service. However, you can route parcels to a pickup point of your choice by selecting your My Pickup Point here. Newspaper forwarding should be arranged directly with the customer service of the newspaper.

Mail delivery interruption

You can put your mail delivery on hold for a minimum of one week and a maximum of two months. The service is personal to you. When ordering, please provide us with the details of all of the persons (e.g. family members) the mail holding service applies to. The service is subject to a charge. To view the service deadlines and other information, go to our website.

If you wish to stop the delivery advertisements for the duration of your holiday, please attach an “Ei mainoksia” (“No advertisements”) notification to your mail slot or mailbox.

Important to note: A service ordered via Posti applies to all items delivered by Posti

Please note that Posti is not the only company that delivers postal items. The items delivered by other delivery companies are not necessarily forwarded to another address if you have ordered a forwarding service from Posti, such as to your summer cottage.

If you receive items that have been incorrectly delivered by other delivery companies, you must contact the company in question. Besides Posti, there are 16 other delivery companies in Finland that deliver letters and, for instance, magazines. Each delivery company is responsible for its own services.

The Postal Act requires that postal companies must mark the items they deliver. Posti’s identifiers are Posti Oy, ECONOMY, PRIORITY and POSTI GREEN. Traficom maintains a register of the delivery companies and their identifiers.

Source: Posti