The OmaPosti app, developed by Posti, has been selected as the winner in the Postal E-Commerce category in The World Post & Parcel Awards 2020. The annual competition is one of the largest in the logistics industry. This year’s winners in ten different categories were announced in a virtual gala on Tuesday 16 June.

Every year The World Post & Parcel Awards attracts submissions from some of the biggest names in the mail and express industry. Each Award has a panel of international industry experts who act as judges.

Judges’ statement for the OmaPosti app was the following: “For the Postal E-Commerce award, the judges are interested in developments that use digital technologies to deliver value to stakeholders in the industry. This year’s winner has developed an app which provides consumers and businesses with a single, carrier agnostic platform where users can view data relating to letters documents and packages. With almost 1 million users, it is the spearhead of a quest for modern, accessible and sustainable postal services for their citizens.”

The OmaPosti app has previously reached the finals in the domestic Grand One gala. The Postal E-Commerce Award marks the first win for the app. “We are very proud of the recognition that OmaPosti has received, for which a big thank you goes to the users of and the development team of the application. The award is significant even by international standards. We look forward to continuing the development of the app together with our customers,” says Timo Korander, Head of Consumer Services at Posti.

OmaPosti is a digital service provided by Posti, where customers can manage their mail and use other postal services. The application is free of charge and can be used in mobile or web browser.

Source: Posti