Posti is planning to combine the delivery of letters, magazines and advertisements with the early-morning delivery of newspapers in four municipalities in Pirkanmaa and Satakunta. After the change, the recipients would receive their mail in the morning instead of the afternoon.

The delivery of letters, magazines and advertisements in the morning together with the early-morning delivery of newspapers has become necessary as the mail volume to be delivered has decreased significantly. There is simply not enough mail for two separate delivery networks.

“In the 2000s, the number of letters has reduced by over 60% because of digital communications, and the coronavirus crisis is accelerating the decline of printed mail even further. The volume of letter mail delivered by Posti decreased a record-breaking 24% in April–June from the corresponding period in 2019,” says Yrjö Eskola, Senior Vice President, Postal Services at Posti.

Simultaneous delivery of newspapers and day mail curbs newspaper delivery costs

According to Eskola, a regional delivery solution where letters, magazines and advertisements are delivered in connection with the early-morning delivery of newspapers may improve the cost-efficiency of delivery operations. Maintaining two separate delivery networks will become unprofitable in upcoming years as the delivery volumes will decrease significantly. Eskola reminds that Posti operates entirely without public funding.

“This plan is about moving the letters and magazine delivered in the daytime to be delivered in the early-morning delivery together with newspapers. By combining the deliveries, we will ensure that our deliverers have enough mail to carry despite the drastically declined volumes of printed mail. This will keep the delivery cost of individual items at an affordable level. This is essential for both media corporations and magazine and newspaper subscribers.

This change is being planned for four municipalities in the Pirkanmaa and Satakunta area. The affected municipalities and their postal codes are Virrat (34800), Urjala (31700, 31720, 31760 and 31830), Merikarvia (29900) and Mänttä-Vilppula (35700, 35820 and 35990).

No decisions have been made to carry out similar changes in other Posti early-morning delivery areas. The majority of Finland does not have an early-morning delivery network for newspapers so mail is delivered only with the daytime delivery.

Early-morning deliverers in Pirkanmaa and Satakunta have delivered letters and other items in early-morning delivery already before when they were deliverers of the Alma Media subsidiary Alma Manu Oy. At the start of this year, Posti assumed responsibility for newspaper delivery in the area following an acquisition. In Finland, there are more than a dozen delivery companies that deliver letter mail in the morning together with the newspapers.

In all, 66% of citizens support the simultaneous delivery of newspapers and day mail in the morning

The media sector, for instance, has requested us to combine deliveries, but it has a strong support among citizens, too. According to a survey conducted by IROResearch in July, a clear majority, or 66%, of Finns would prefer that newspapers, magazines, letters and other postal items usually delivered in the daytime delivery were delivered in the early-morning delivery of newspapers in cities and towns. The survey was commissioned by Posti.

According to Eskola, also the tight emissions reduction targets speak in favor of simultaneous deliveries. The target of the Finnish Government is to cut traffic emissions by year the 2030, and the traffic and logistics sector has committed to working towards reaching these emissions reduction targets.

“Posti’s goal is to become emission-free by 2030. Due to the drastic decline in delivery volumes, it is not sensible for a deliverer to come by a mail recipient’s door twice a day. Delivering newspapers and day mail together would significantly decrease driven kilometers and emissions,” reminds Eskola.

According to the survey conducted by IROResearch, the most important reasons for combining deliveries were environmental issues and the drastic decline in mail volumes. In all, 74% of the respondents felt that combining deliveries would be an environmental act since it cuts driven kilometers, fuel consumption and emissions.

The change would not apply to parcel delivery as they would still be delivered to pick-up points or Home Parcels directly to the recipient’s home as separate deliveries. Posti XXS Parcels that fit through the mail slot would be delivered already in the morning.

The change would not require any measures from mail recipients. We intend to provide more information to mail recipients at a later date, for example, by delivering an announcement to homes.

More items to early-morning delivery, cooperation negotiations in basic delivery to make full-time employees part-time

For personnel, the change would mean more items to be delivered in the early-morning delivery (letters, magazines and advertisements). In basic delivery, or in the delivery of day mail, the change would mean full-time jobs becoming part-time. According to the current estimate, there will be no need for dismissals. The negotiations will concern approximately 80 people. 

The cooperation negotiations will start on August 20 and last for six weeks, according to the current estimate. After this, the final result will be available.


New survey: 66% of Finns are in favor of delivering day mail in the morning delivery

Source: Posti