With the accession of the Ukrainian designated postal operator, Ukrposhta, to the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) 2, the agreement now covers 40 operators from around the world.

At the request of several posts to provide a multilateral data sharing framework, initially for customs data exchange, IPC launched the first global Data Sharing Agreement (DSA), known as DSA 1, in 2015. Currently, over 80 postal operators have signed up to DSA 1.

With the advent of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), IPC coordinated the drafting of the second global DSA, known as DSA 2, in 2018, which supports GDPR compliance.

The DSAs set the conditions related to the electronic exchange of customs and postal service data. By managing these two multilateral agreements, IPC continues to support the secure exchange of data between operators across the globe.

Source: IPC