Brussels, 3 September - International Post Corporation (IPC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Stefanie Klotz as IPC’s new Head of Proactive Performance Management, Analysis and Certification Services. In this position she will be responsible for direct operational interaction with IPC member posts, through the Proactive Performance Management service and the Analysis service. She will also be in charge of Certification of the International Mail Processing Centres of IPC’s member posts. Stefanie will report to IPC’s Chief Operations Officer, Liam O’Sullivan.

As part of the IPC’s aim to constantly improve its service delivery process, IPC has merged the current Service Management and Development departments. Nicolas Bilhoto, currently Head of Service Management, will now head the newly created department combining the two areas. This new structure will enable IPC to deliver an excellent service quality as well as fast and agile development capacity. The new Head of Service Management and Development will report to IPC’s Chief Information Officer, Markus Apfelbeck. 

Both changes went into effect on 1 September 2020.


Stefanie Klotz joined IPC in January 2014 as Network Operations Manager, where she led the members operations group on operational matters and provided proactive intervention for the international letter mail postal network. In January 2018, she joined IPC’s INTERCONNECT management team as Operations Manager. In this role, she worked together with 35 postal operators in setting up the operational end-to-end e-commerce network for INTERCONNECT.  Stefanie has previously worked for Deutsche Post, in both the domestic and international operations. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DE) / Bachelor of Arts and the Open University (UK) that combines business administration focusing on transport/logistics and postal sector knowledge.

Nicolas Bilhoto joined IPC in 2015, where he began as Senior Manager, Customer Support and PRIME Operation Manager, before becoming Head of Service Management. Nicolas has been responsible for maintaining and enhancing customer experience and relationships as well as providing a high-quality service to IPC member posts. Nicolas has over 10 years of experience in the postal and logistics sector and an academic background in International Relations with a specialisation in e-commerce. He began his career in the Postal Union of Americas, Spain and Portugal, a regional subsection of the Universal Postal Union, where he was responsible for the successful delivery of several development projects in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

Source: IPC