Santa Claus' Main Post Office will open its doors again on Monday, November 2, 2020, after a break of about seven months. The post office was closed at the beginning of April due to the general coronavirus situation.

From November 2, Posti outlet 96930 Arctic Circle will offer all postal services at Tähtikuja 1 every day of the week. In November Posti outlet is open from 10 am to 5 pm and from the beginning of December from 9 am to 7 pm.

Christmas is the most important season of the year for Posti and the exemplary care of the season is a matter of honor for all postal employees. "Although large groups of tourists are still missing from Lapland due to the coronavirus situation, we want to be involved also in Santa Claus' Village. Santa's Main Post Office, located in a prominent place, is an important part of Village's other activities, and we work closely with other entrepreneurs in the area," says Heiko Laubach, Director of Posti's service point network.

"Customers get all the postal services they need from Posti outlet at the Arctic Circle. "We sell Christmas cards and stamps all year round and customers can send and receive Christmas parcels. There are also a number of other Christmas products on sale," says Laubach.

All the customers of postal code area 96930 Arctic Circle can pick up parcels and other items until Sunday, November 1 from Posti outlet at R-kioski at Pohjolankatu. From Monday, November 2 all the retrievable postal items will be routed to Posti outlet at the Artic Circle.

Source: Posti