Nation’s largest retail shipping chain reveals energetic concept to meet evolving consumer and small business owner needs in an e-commerce world.

The UPS Store, Inc., the nation’s largest shipping, postal, print and business services chain*, today unveiled a new and contemporary design of its retail stores, now available for its large network of franchise owners. The first set of fully redesigned stores, which include the first major change to the stores’ layout in two decades, have opened in several markets around the country.

“In a rapidly changing business environment, The UPS Store seeks to create a place where business happens in real time,” said Tim Davis, president of The UPS Store, Inc. “We’re elevating the retail experience to cater to today’s small business owner and consumer, while helping drive growth and profitability for our network of franchise owners.”

The transformed look and layout create a more seamless in-store customer experience while reflecting the new demands of a world driven by tech and e-commerce. Compared to the previous design, the new stores are more open in their layout to highlight the breadth of services, brighter in both color and lighting and feature more digital elements than ever before.

The new design is part of a continued strategy to help The UPS Store® franchisees thrive in a highly competitive environment. In addition to its current network of franchisees, the new design will be standard for new franchise owners, and the retailer offers both a veteran incentive program and a minority incentive program for new franchisee candidates looking to enter the network. To thank and honor veterans for their service, the veteran incentive program provides $10,000 off the initial franchise fee. The UPS Store is committed to fostering diversity through the minority incentive program. First time minority franchisees are eligible to receive an approximate 50% discount off the franchise fee. Both veteran and minority franchisees who take part in these programs will develop their location under the new store design.

Evolution of The UPS Store Design

The redesign is a result of extensive research and planning involving key stakeholders, including franchisees, small business owners, consumers and retail industry experts. The UPS Store design team worked with Columbus, Ohio-based design firm Chute Gerdeman to develop the new look, feel and layout.

“We embarked on a collaborative strategic process that shed light on the need to convey transparency within the in-store experience,” said Jeff Wietrzykowski, creative director at Chute Gerdeman. “The new store design radically opens up the retail space, highlighting the variety of key services that The UPS Store centers offer while communicating trust and collaboration to its customers.”

The UPS Store, Inc. spent four years building, testing and tweaking numerous prototype centers in various communities across the country to refine the design. Rooted in functionality and accessibility, it is intended to enhance space utilization and consumer appeal in response to changing customer needs.

Source: UPS