To improve the postal service, Eesti Post is changing some postal codes in Tallinn and Pärnu cities starting tomorrow. In Tallinn, certain postal codes in the City Centre, Northern Tallinn, Kristiine, Haabersti, Mustamäe, Lasnamäe, Pirita and Nõmme districts will change. In Pärnu, the postal codes of some addresses located on Kodara, Savi, Supeluse and Villa streets will change. The change concerns both those living in these areas as well as those sending letters and parcels to these areas.
When changing and updating some of the postal codes, Eesti Post adheres to the modern city plan and post office locations. Previously the problem was that since shipments were distributed between post offices based on postal codes, letters and parcels ended up at inconveniently distant post offices. The change enforced tomorrow will ensure that the postal codes match the post office locations and in the future, clients can use the post office closest to them for all post-related operations.
You can view the specific addresses whose postal codes are being changed on the Omniva homepage.
We notified people ahead to make sure that everyone had time to inform all the institutions and people who send shipments to their addresses of the new postal code. The correct postal code on letters and parcels ensures that the shipment will reach the addressee on time. If a letter sent after 1 October has the old postal code, unfortunately, it cannot be ensured that it will reach the addressee’s post box in time. If a parcel sent after 1 October has the old postal code, then it will be issued from the former post office of place of residence, which may not be the closest.

Source: Omniva