Many children receive lots and lots of presents during Christmas, including several new toys. Omniva has launched a project for finding new owners for unused toys in order to ensure that once well-loved toys do not have to sit idly on the shelf.
"The core value of the campaign is to teach kids about sharing and giving away things they no longer use or need," said Member of the Management Board at Omniva Kristi Unt. "The added bonus is that the toys will find new, happy owners and more space is freed in the process."
To send toys free of charge, sign up on the Omniva website beforehand. You will then receive a code and instructions as to how to send the toys free of charge. Please also pay attention to correct packaging to make sure that the toys arrive with the new owners complete, intact and clean. Please only ship complete, intact and clean toys.
For your toy to reach the child expecting it the most, Omniva has joined forces with the organisations MTÜ Naerata Ometi, the Estonian Association of Large Families, MTÜ Aarete Laegas and Toidupank.
It is also known that children most often desire Legos, building blocks, thematic action figures, board games and educational books. "If you know any children who have grown out of their old toys or simply don't have the time to give them all the attention they deserve, encourage them to find the toys a new home so that other kids can also start the year on a happy note," recommended Unt.
This is the third campaign; in 2018 and 2019, people sent almost 20 pallets' worth of toys to new homes via several aid agencies. 

Source: Omniva