Volume development in 2020 shaped by COVID-19 with lockdown effects and digitization surge

  • Letter volume -7%, advertising mail -12%
  • Parcel volume Austria + 30%, parcel volume CEE + 27% and Turkey + 47%

Sales 2020 by + 8.3% to EUR 2,189 million (+ 3.3% excluding Aras Kargo)

  • Letter & Direct Mail Division -7.4% to EUR 1,222 million
  • Parcel & Logistics division +44.4% to EUR 914 million (+28.4% excluding Aras Kargo) 

EBIT forecast for 2020 in the order of EUR 160 million (after EUR 201 million in 2019)
The year 2020 and the fourth quarter that has just ended were a great challenge for Austrian Post. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was and still is important to ensure the safety and health of employees and at the same time to maintain the company's efficiency. Both have worked well in the last few months. The increased parcel volume in the fourth quarter posed a major logistical challenge in all regions. The reliability of the service provision could be maintained. “Special thanks go to our employees, but also to our postal partners. They all worked tirelessly every day, even in the difficult fourth quarter, and ensured that with record volumes of parcels, that the customers of Austrian Post got their shipments on time, ”says Director General DI Dr. Georg Pölzl.
The development of the transported letters, promotional mailings and parcels developed very differently in 2020. In the case of letters and advertising mail , the volume flows have fallen sharply as a result of the pandemic. The volume of addressed letters fell by 7% year-on-year, and media mail by 5%. In the case of advertising mail, the decline was as much as 12%, which was strongly affected by the lockdown measures in many industries.
The development of parcel volumes was positivewith + 30% in Austria, + 27% in CEE and + 47% in Turkey. In the fourth quarter of 2020 in particular, it was possible to cope with the enormous parcel volumes with high quality delivery. This shows how important the current capacity expansion program of Austrian Post is. Sorting and distribution capacities will also be increased further in 2021.
According to preliminary figures, revenue at Austrian Post increased by 8.3% to EUR 2,189 million in 2020. The Turkish company Aras Kargo, which has been fully consolidated since August 25, 2020, also contributed to this with around EUR 100 million. The increase in sales excluding Aras Kargo is thus 3.3%. The revenue of Austrian Post consists of the Letter & Direct Mail Division with EUR 1,222 million (-7.4%), the Parcel & Logistics Division with EUR 914 million (+44.4%; + 28.4% excluding Aras Kargo ) and the Branch & Bank division together with EUR 65 million (-19.7%).
According to this revenue development, earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the order of EUR 160 million are now expected, compared to EUR 201 million in 2019. Declining results in the Letter & Advertising Mail and Branch & Bank divisions stand for a significant improvement in earnings in the division Parcel & logistics opposite. In the fourth quarter in particular, it was possible to manage the logistical bottlenecks in terms of both volume and costs.
The figures are subject to the group audit. The final 2020 annual results will be published on March 12, 2021.

Source: Austrian Post