Whistl, the leading delivery management company in the UK, has teamed up with Road to Logistics the not-for-profit organisation, backed by Government, to offer HGV drivers roles with Whistl at its Bedford Super Depot.

The initiative set up in 2016 by the Road Haulage Association and Microlise to address the 45,000 HGV driver shortage in the UK helps people interested in becoming a driver by assessing their suitability then work with them to pass the test and link with partners for interview.

Road to Logistics is open to people who either earn under £17.5k a year or are out of work.  The training and test are paid for which is typically costs around £3,000.  There is a focus on widening the talent pool through sections of society where individuals need help and support to regain self-confidence and independence.

The logistics sector employs over 3 million people in the UK and continues to grow, driven by the rapid expansion in eCommerce over recent years.

Source: Whistl