With this publication, bpost group wishes to stress the essential role it has in the social and economic fabric of Belgium. But at the same time, the report shows the transformation into a diverse, international group, which, alongside the delivery of letters and parcels, also offers logistic omni-commerce solutions for the whole chain, worldwide.

The 2020 activity report of bpost group is now online. In it, the group shows how it is transforming itself into a diverse, international group.

In its activity report bpost illustrates how it deals with less well-known facets of its activities, in Belgium and worldwide. It includes stories that highlight the transformation of bpost, interviews with engaged people, articles about challenging, innovative and sustainable projects. That is: how the bpost group employees give the best of themselves for customers every day.

Dirk Tirez, Interim Chief Executive Officer of bpost Group: “We are evolving into a strategic holding company with diverse activities on different continents. There are various companies in the group, each with their own characteristics and customer offer. What binds the group are the people, the values, the financial and strategic orientations, and the talent management. Our activity report looks beyond the figures and illustrates how bpost group is ensuring today that it will continue to exist tomorrow.”

Source: bpost