Santa Claus’ Main Post Office in Santa Claus’ Village, Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle is reopening on Monday, November 8, 2021. The Post Office closed its doors temporarily on April 29 due to the general COVID-19 situation.

“For Posti, Christmas is the most important time of the year. As we help to create Christmas, we want to be back in business in Santa Claus’ Village now that the COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted again. Situated in a prominent location, Santa Claus’ Main Post Office is an important part of the operations of Santa Claus’ Village, and we work in close cooperation with the other businesses in the area,” says Tuija Åkerman, Consumer Mail Business Unit, Posti.

“Santa Claus’ Main Post Office provides customers with all of the postal services they need. Our best-selling products include stamps and cards, a Letter from Santa Claus that you can order and gifts labeled with a special logo. Santa Claus’ Main Post Office has its own postmark and stamps. In addition, we can send and receive parcels,” says Åkerman.

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office receives half a million letters a year

Each year, Santa Claus’ Main Post Office receives nearly half a million letters. The same was true last year, even though postal communications throughout the world were not operating as normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Letters arrived in abundance from Finland and Europe. Many of them wished for the pandemic to end. The number of people wishing for material presents had fallen from the previous years. Many letters from China included new, colorful, Christmas-themed face masks for Santa.

Santa’s response letters around the world were sent in early spring. In years gone by, he has received over 20 million letters. All letters are sorted and opened, and thousands get a surprise answer each year.

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office is also the area’s local post office

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office also acts as the local post office for the residents of the 96930 Arctic Circle postal code area. Customers can pick up items that have arrived by Sunday, November 7, from the R-kioski on Pohjolankatu. As of Monday, November 8, items to be picked up will be sent to the Arctic Circle post office. Customers in the 96930 Arctic Circle region will receive a public bulletin closer to the opening date of the Arctic Circle post office.

The post office is open 7 days a week. The opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in November and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in December.

Source: Posti