Posti and the war veteran associations are organizing a card campaign for the seventh time. The campaign provides all Finns with the opportunity to bring joy to our war veterans and war-time women. This year, the Lotta Svärd Foundation is joining the campaign for the first time.

“The card campaign is a valued tradition for us. Last year, we received a record number of cards as many people wanted to pay their respects to our honorary citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this generation, digital communications channels may not be quite as familiar as they are for younger generations. For the generation of veterans, letters and cards are a familiar way of staying in touch. With this in mind, we want our campaign to show our veterans, our war-time women and former Lotta women and girls how highly they are regarded by Finns for what they did for our independent Finland,” says Tuija Åkerman, Posti.

The card campaign starts on Monday, October 18, and cards can be sent until November 11. Posti will deliver the cards to the veterans and war-time women by Independence Day. There are about 5,000 veterans remaining in Finland as well as approximately 14,000 war-time women, 1,500 Lotta women and 5,000 Lotta girls.

“Now is the time to thank the people who made sure that we get to live in a free and safe Finland. Let’s do it together, and with gratitude,” says Pia Mikkonen, of the Sotiemme Veteraanit (Our War Veterans) and Sotiemme Naiset (The Women of our Wars) collection.

“Many former Lotta women and girls have felt lonely during the pandemic. One of the themes of Lotta Svärd’s 100th anniversary is fighting loneliness. A personally addressed card shows that you care. A post card helps alleviate loneliness for a long time after it is received,” says Anne Nurminen, Lotta Svärd Foundation.

Cards can be sent by private individuals, school classes, communities as well as companies. You can send several cards in one envelope. You don’t need to attach stamps or add address information to the cards inside the envelope.

Source: Posti