On 8 November, both PostNord’s Copenhagen INC and TTA (Taastrup) Offices of Exchange have been recertified until August 2024. On 14 October, IPC awarded Certificates of Excellence to the Vienna Letter Mail and the Hall in Tirol Offices of Exchange during a ceremony organised by Austrian Post. The certificates will be valid until July 2024.

In the cross-border postal process, every single Office of Exchange (OE), as a link in the global postal delivery chain, directly contributes to the quality of service. Every OE needs to perform and adhere to the same principles in order to provide a high-quality end-to-end service. This is what IPC audits and rewards through its Certificates of Excellence. The certificate is the result of a thorough and fully independent assessment process. 

After an interruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IPC Certification process has resumed since May 2021, with the IPC Certification team re-starting on-site assessments. A few changes in the process reflecting the impact of the pandemic have been implemented: to allow continuity, parts of the certification assessments were done remotely to keep momentum while travel was restricted and a Certification Managers community was launched to continue planning and communication on the ongoing process.

Since May, the IPC Certification team have certified eight Offices of Exchange. At present, a total of 15 Offices of Exchange hold a valid assessment, eight additional OEs have received an extension of their Certificate due to the pandemic, and 14 OEs are in the process of re-certification or first-time certification.