Computer Aided Post through EDI (CAPE) harnesses the potential of EDI by combining the information stored in the IPC centralised data hub with in-house operational and technical expertise to deliver a unique reporting solution to the global postal industry. CAPE leverages EDI to provide an extensive suite of enhanced reports useful to the various business functions involved in cross-border postal traffic.
Through the CAPE system, IPC provides essential performance and operational analysis reports for all international postal products, and for tracked product networks such as INTERCONNECT, KPG, and PRIME.

CAPE provides over one hundred management reports for cross-border postal traffic. Currently more than eighty posts and forty-two airlines access and use CAPE, with almost three thousand individual users. ATAT provides full track and trace on item IDs, receptacle IDs, despatch IDs, and consignment IDs, plus drill-down functionality to raw EDI messages.

The CAPE Migration project is in the final mile to completion, providing CAPE users with a new, modern platform with new functionalities. The two main applications resulting from migration of CAPE Vision are CAPE (Computer Aided Post through EDI - cape.ipc.be) and ATAT (Advanced Tracking and Analysis Tool - atat.ipc.be). CAPE and ATAT provide electronic reporting in support of the physical cross-border mail flows.

The new CAPE applications directly provide reporting and management for:
· IPC shared equipment pools, namely IPC Tray - Bag - Pallet Box pools
· Paper-free consignments
· IPC Sprinter Network

The migration of users across the postal world has been underway for over a year as new reports became available in the new applications and the functionality was turned off in the old CAPE Vision system. This has been a major undertaking with over thirty training sessions for over three hundred fifty users delivered by the IPC Network and Innovation team so far. The reaction of users has been exceptional with universal welcome for the new look and feel and of course the new functionalities.