A devastating war is being waged in Ukraine. Many Ukrainians have fled the country. Others have not been able to leave and are forced to live in constant fear and in horrific conditions. bpost answered the call from Ukraine’s national postal operator Ukrposhta to send aid to Ukrainians who remain in their homeland.

Belgium’s 657 post offices quickly adopted the role of drop-off point for the donations of Belgian citizens. Almost 140 tonnes of vital supplies (1600 full postal containers), pet food and hygiene products were collected across Belgium. They were donated by citizens, while businesses (including Tom & Co, Aveve, ...) have shown great generosity.     

Dirk Tirez, CEO bpostgroup : "Helping citizens, creating connection and seamless logistics is in bpost’s DNA. We couldn’t be more proud than we are. I want to thank the citizens who responded to the call for donations, but also our teams who made such humanitarian convoys possible. A special thank you to the staff of the post offices, collect agents, the Jemelle sorting center and the truck drivers!"  
Benoit Pleska, chairman of the Ukrainian post : "Ukrposhta couldn’t be more grateful. Belgian citizen have been generous, offering precious aid and products of quality to the Ukrainians who need it the most. We also want to thank bpost for the help, the prompt execution and the perfect logistic process. Such support, in difficult times, is precious.”"

Source: bpost