Australia Post, a participant in the inaugural ‘Indigenous Employment Index 2022’, has welcomed the report released by the Minderoo Foundation. The index highlights the employment parity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, comparing data from Australia’s leading employers and seeks to accelerate action to further achieve equity in Australia.

Parity is understanding the proportioned difference between Indigenous employees within a workforce, at all levels, in comparison to a national population of 3.3 per cent.

Some of the issues raised in this report include the need for organisations to provide career development opportunities to retain Indigenous employees; increase Indigenous employees at senior and executive levels and participate in educational partnerships and pathways.

Australia Post National Indigenous Manager Barbara Sheehy said as we take time during National Reconciliation Week to reflect and understand the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the team at Australia Post should be proud of the efforts being undertaken to keep driving change for our employees.

“Australia Post has made great progress in the focus areas set out in our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and while we have achieved much, we know there is more we can and must do, to Be Brave and Make Change”, she said.

Australia Post has a proud history with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Australia Post commenced its reconciliation journey in 2011. Today, Australia Post continues its momentum in demonstrating leadership by learning, listening and allyship, supporting communities and working towards a reconciled Australia. Some key areas of progress in this space include:

•    3 per cent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members are represented across the Australia Post workforce

•    Australia Post supports the professional development of our people through the Indigenous Emerging Leaders Program, which has led to promotional opportunities for team members across the business

•    In July 2021 Australia Post launched new packaging that includes a dedicated space for the inclusion of Traditional Place names for customers who wish to recognise traditional Country on their mail

•    Through its partnership with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, Australia Post has ensured the safe delivery of over 280,000 books to 325 remote Communities, giving children and their families access to new and culturally appropriate books

•    In June 2022, Australia Post announced a new partnership with Indigenous not-for-profit organisation, DeadlyScience, to deliver science books and education materials to remote First Nations Communities across Australia.

Source: Australia Post