On June 28 bpost launches an innovative, sustainable pilot project with Hipli. The French company’s reusable mailing bags will be used to ship Torfs, A.S.Adventure and Juttu orders to customers. After delivery, the empty bags can be popped into a bpost red mailbox for cleaning and reuse in the e-commerce circuit. All told, these environmentally friendly bags can be reused up to a hundred times.

bpostgroup is working hard to be the most sustainable e-commerce logistics operator in every country where it has a presence.  Offering yet more proof that e-commerce logistics and sustainability are perfectly compatible, bpost is set to launch the new pilot project in partnership with Hipli, the French company behind the reusable bags.   

Chain stores Torf and A.S.Adventure are also involved. Hipli’s environmentally responsible reusable bags will be used to ship orders to Torfs customers between 29 June and 29 September. The pilot will be extended to A.S.Adventure  en Juttu customers in August. 

A lifecycle analysis by Hipli shows that using reusable bags reduces the carbon footprint of every shipment by 83% compared with cardboard packaging. Water-tight and tear-proof,  these exceptionally robust bags can be reused up to a hundred times.  All told, Torfs expects to ship around 4,000 customer orders in reusable bags during the three-month pilot project. A.S.Adventure has committed to 2,000 responsible shipments. 

When folded into the form of an envelope, these reusable bags can be returned free of charge through the dense network of bpost pickup points (including red mailboxes, post offices, parcel points and post points).

The reusable bags are also cleaned in a socially responsible and engaged way by ETA123, a sheltered workshop in Beauraing.  

About Hipli 
Hipli was launched in France in July 2020 by Léa Got and Anne-Sophie Raoult. The company markets mailing bags that can be reused a hundred times, along with the optimized logistics flow that makes this possible. Beyond the reusable bags, Hipli has created a circular service, tightly managed from end to end, to minimize the impact on the planet. 250,000 reusable bags are currently in circulation in France. Hipli has rapidly established itself as the leader on the French market, with a customer portfolio of more than 350 brands (including Cdiscount, Balzac Paris and Camif). 

About Torfs 
Torfs is a Belgian fashion retailer, which in addition to shoes, also sells clothing, handbags and accessories. The chain has 80 physical stores and a webshop. As a family business, Torfs believes that 360° care results in 360° profit. By taking care of all its stakeholders, such as its employees, customers, society and the planet, the company wants to create added value, also beyond the purely financial.  

About AS Adventure 
Established in 1995, A.S. Adventure has developed into the ultimate outdoor and leisure venue with more than 50 retail outlets across three countries. Our goal? To inspire our customers to push boundaries by stimulating their curiosity, a process that starts in our stores where our extensive product range, personal service and expert advice create a world packed with unique experiences. Adventure is not just a destination or activity. It represents a positive approach, focused on increasing your awareness of your life in all its many aspects. From mountain hikers to back garden campers, from globetrotters to urban explorers: every kind of adventurer will feel at home at A.S. Adventure. Because adventure is everywhere.

About Juttu
Juttu is a concept store full of fashion, but also home & deco, beauty, food, books and gift ideas for him and her. But Juttu is so much more than just a shop, Juttu is a way of living - a lifestyle where we focus on trends, feel-good and positivity, but also on awareness. This results in a unique, distinctive mix of local and international brands with a strong story. It is precisely this love of stories that unites our customers, employees and suppliers. Juttu: Home of brands, house of friends.

Source: bpost