Australia Post has launched a new tool that allows team members working with disability to capture and share their details and adjustment requirements in their own words, removing the need for them to explain their circumstances every time they change roles or managers within the organisation.

The new Workplace Adjustment Passport, which is integrated with Australia Post’s existing employee systems, builds on the organisation’s strong commitment towards inclusivity and supporting the more than 2000 team members who identify as having disability. 

Australia Post Executive General Manager, People & Culture Susan Davies said she was proud to introduce the passport together with updated guidelines, to ensure all team members have the right support and access to meaningful work.

“It’s hugely important to set our team members up for success, wherever they work in our business,” Ms Davies said.

“This passport allows us to manage workplace adjustments with dignity and respect, ensuring people with disability feel seen, heard, and valued. We want all our team members to be engaged at work and feel confident to explore future opportunities with us.”

Nancy Bezerra, a Postal Delivery Officer (PDO) at Coburg Post Office, said her workplace adjustment plan helped her return to work after her speech was impacted by treatment for cancer, and plans to return to her original role as a Postal Services Officer (PSO).

“My manager has been so supportive and provided workplace adjustments so I can have refresher training and return to doing what I love, which is being a PSO,” Ms Bezerra said.

“I worked as a PSO for two years and I acquired a lot of knowledge, so it’s important to me that I return to my original role and I’m happy to be working towards that. I love serving customers and I love the environment here at Coburg Post Office.”

Postal Manager at Coburg Post Office Michael Brogden said Nancy was an incredibly valuable team member and that it was important to support team members with disability.

“Sometimes that means making changes at work so they can do their job effectively and most workplace adjustments don't cost anything,” Mr Brogden said.

“You just have to listen to what they're saying and focus on the solutions, not the barriers.”

Australia Post has a longstanding commitment to creating an inclusive organisation for people with disability. It is the largest Australian employer to successfully complete the Australian Network on Disability ‘Disability Confident Recruiter’ program.

On Wednesday 27 July 2022, Australia Post celebrated three years of its employee led network Accessibility Matters, which helps to improve access and inclusion for people with disability.

Source: Australia Post