An Post Mobile has today launched the emporiaTABLET on the Irish market. Designed by Emporia, a leader in easy-to-use phones for seniors, the EmporiaTABLET will make it much simpler for seniors to go on-line.

With a strong brushed aluminium case, the 10.1” TABLET comes with a cradle for easy charging and hands free use. The well designed emporia keyboard enhances the usability of the TABLET. Emporia’s award-winning user interface makes life simpler and easier for senior users. It’s amplified sound helps the hard of hearing, and it can be controlled by voice for hands-free operation. The unique detailed printed training book enables the user to build their confidence using WhatsApp, Facebook etc. so no need to ask for help.   

Michael Ahern, An Post Mobile Manager, added: “The emporiaTABLET will help older people stay connected to family, friends, and to access the wonders of the Internet. This unique product, coupled with An Post Mobile’s excellent coverage, will appeal to our many happy and loyal customers, and fits perfectly with An Post’s community focused values.” 

Chris Millington, Managing Director at Emporia Telecom said: “Only 37% of Irish seniors are digitally connected with a smart device, with expensive Broadband being a major obstacle. The emporiaTABLET not only works over Wi-Fi, but also works over the excellent An Post Mobile 4G network, so the user benefits from their own secure and personal connection.” 

An Post Mobile emporiaTABLET launch offer  

To mark the launch, An Post Mobile is offering the emporiaTABLET with a free keyboard (worth €79) and a free An Post Mobile 4G SIM with 50GB of data pre-loaded (worth €15) for just €399. With the on-board SIM, users don’t have to have an expensive broadband connection. The TABLET will also work over broadband and Wi-Fi where available. This introductory offer gives customers a savings of up to €94 compared to buying these items separately.  

Source: An Post