Royal Mail has launched a new leadership programme which will help ambitious managers achieve their full potential by equipping them with the skills needed to meet changing customer demands.

The “Diamonds Programme” is aimed at developing a diverse set of leaders from across the business with a focus on nurturing their emotional intelligence, confidence and operational capabilities.

The move is designed to ensure Royal Mail has access to a talented pool of leaders as the company transforms into a more parcels-focussed business.

Successful candidates will embody the company’s values while being able to navigate and influence a fast-changing business with confidence. They will benefit from targeted development assessments, career guidance and tailored support, to help them grow as leaders and deliver an ambitious programme of change as they progress to more senior roles in the business.

The programme will include:

A development assessment that helps managers understand their strengths as well as areas in need of development
A feedback and coaching session from a trained facilitator to help tailor a plan that will support their career development
Coaching sessions aimed at building capability in key areas for the business
Access to mentoring schemes with a more experienced leader to assist in navigating their onward career journey
Around 70 employees were selected to join the leadership programme’s first session at Royal Mail’s training academy in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

The programme represents a significant investment by Royal Mail in its workforce and will help the business accelerate its transformation in a competitive market.

Zareena Brown, Chief People Officer, Royal Mail, said: “Through our academy, we are investing in our people to create the next generation of leaders at Royal Mail. Our new leadership programme has been specially designed to ensure our managers have the right skills to support Royal Mail’s ongoing reinvention and generate sustainable growth across the business. I am pleased to welcome the first cohort of managers onto the programme.”

The academy, which was officially opened in June 2022, is based at Royal Mail’s new Midlands Super Hub. When operational next year, the Midlands Super Hub will process more than one million parcels a day, offering a unique and inspirational learning environment.

Employees can also access the academy virtually, digitally and ‘on the job’. It is supported by five new satellite learning centres in Edinburgh, Warrington, Bristol, Gatwick and Oxford.

In 2021-22, Royal Mail invested £6milllion in training - equating to approximately 23,000 training days – compared to 19,000 training days the previous year.

Source: Royal Mail