In the recently published BRAND CAPITAL research of the most loved brands in the Baltics, Omniva was valued as the fastest growing and among the three most valued brands.

In total, more than 600 brands were evaluated during the research, and Omniva was awarded 3rd place in the Baltic overall, competing in the top three with Swedbank and Maxima. Compared to last year, the position in the Baltics remained the same. Omniva is also the most loved brand in the postal and delivery industry and it was rated as the seventh most human brand in the Baltics.
The most loved brands were measured on assesment of whether the customers definetly will choose the given brand next time and whether it is one of their favourite brands. As a result of the research, it was concluded that the number of lovers of the Omniva brand increased by more than 4% in 2022.
“First of all, on behalf of Omniva I thank our customers for trusting us! This evaluation indicates an ongoing changes of pattern how society and market functions, where convenience of customers is the new king. We are doing everything to become more and more accessible for more and more people to bring the world closer to them,” said Omniva Chief Experience Officer Mari-Liis Küppar. „Our brand update that we have introduced during this year has supported our growth giving us better visibility and stronger meaning.“
Among Estonian brands, Omniva was fourth, rising 13 places in a year. In Estonia, the second place was achieved among the fastest growing brands. The third place was achieved among Latvian brands, rising by one place over the year. Also, Omniva was chosen as the second fastest growing brand among Latvian brands and received special social impact award for supporting democracy and helping Ukraine. Among the Lithuanian brands, the Ominva brand was chosen for the tenth place, remaining in the same position compared to the previous year.
The most loved brands in the Baltics have been identified since 2012. To find the most valued brands, people are asked how likely they are to use the brand again. Brand lovers are those who would definitely use the brand again and also defined it as one of their favorite brands.
The ranking is based on the largest brand perception and lifestyle survey in the Baltics conducted by RAIT Custom Research Baltic in July and August 2022, where the brand preferences of 2,800 people aged 15-74 living in the Baltics were studied. The surveys were conducted via the Internet.

Source: Omniva